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Eating eggs!
-All eggs I don’t hatch need to go somewhere…
-All eggs are candled for Cracks, bloodspots and other oddities.
-All eggs are cleaned and sanitized, and packed into a carton with correct labelling.
-All hens Pastured, and allowed to come and go as they please, 8am to 5pm.
-All hens are fed supplemental feed to ensure proper egg development and health.
-NO hens are treated with any chems/antibiotics unless absolutely necessary.
-NO hen is caged or treated inhumanely.

I have Chicken and Duck Eggs available most days for $4/dozen.

-I don’t hatch chickens on a regular schedule, but if you feel like you’d want me to hatch you some chicks, it only takes 21 days, and I have the capability to hatch you close to 2 dozen a day, till my 200 egg incubator reaches capacity 🙂

I don’t have a sexing guarantee, and I’m only around 70% accurate.
However – If you do find yourself with a Rooster… there’s a few options:
1) Accept that you have a rooster now, and get a no-crow collar.
2) Grow him out, and Eat him.
3) Find someone else who may take him – Low chance if you’re looking for no-kill.
4) Bring him back around 8 weeks, and I’ll euthanize him via nitrogen – one of the most humane ways to kill.
-Free if i keep him, $2 if you take him back.

Chicks are mixed production breeds:
-Rhode Island White.
-Rhode Island Red.
-Mixing results in Cinnamon Queens.

Pricing for Chicks:
$3 a bird straight run.
$4 a Female.
$1 a Male.

Hatching Eggs!
For the adventurous type who wants to hatch their own!

You’ll get a dozen eggs.
-They’ll be picked for uniformity and color
-Candled to make sure there’s a very small Air sac(freshness)
-Candled for cracks, blood spots, and other weird stuff.
-They will not be cleaned. I do not subscribe to the idea of cleaning eggs before hatch, but they won’t be excessively dirty, either.

Pricing for Chicken Eggs:
$15 a dozen for Chicken eggs.
I’ve seen close to a 90% hatch rate out of my eggs.

Pricing To SHIP Fertile Chicken eggs:
$15+$5 for packing and you pay shipping via your provider of choice.
Box is 2.5lbs, 12″x5″x3″.
You’ll get 14 eggs in specially designed packing material meant to ensure your eggs arrive safely and intact.
If for some reason you receive broken eggs – I’ll refund $1 per egg broken over 2 broken.
You must provide clear photographic proof of eggs broken in the packing material.
This deal works out to be close to $1 per egg hatching egg before shipping.
Shipping to California via FedEx would be ~12, or $2.28 a hatching egg.

Pricing for Goose Eggs:
$10/egg for Goose eggs with no promise on breed, sex or fertility.
Availability based on Available goose eggs

The crux of the operation…

Geese lay in the spring, mostly.
Due to poor fertility in these geese – I can’t reliably estimate how many goslings I will have.
This means First come, First served.
Max reservations are 5 people, 2 Goslings each at this current time.

For mixed breed goslings(Table Birds, Pets, Lawn Mowers):
$20/ea. Regardless of sex.

For Pure Pilgrim Goslings: (UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)
$20 Per Gander.
$40 Per Goose.

For Pure American Buff Goslings: (UNAVAILABLE AT THIS TIME)
$20 Per Gander.
$40 Per Goose.


Fawn and White Indian Runner Ducks
$5 Straight Run.
$8 Males
$12 Females

Full Grown Birds:
Generally, These aren’t for sale – however, I may find myself with a abundance of fowl for some reason.
If I do find myself with more birds than I needThey will be posted on the “Birds Available” page.

$20 for a laying hen(chicken) in active lay, not over a year old.
$5 for a good, solid rooster of varying breed.
$20 for a laying hen(duck) not over a year old(F&W Indian Runner Ducks)
$15 for a well tempered drake who will service your ladies with Vigor!(F&W Indian Runner Ducks)
$12-15 a live pound for geese depending on quality of bird- Gander or Hen, Breed unspecific. They average 10-18lbs. Yup. That’s the going rate.

I’m not inflexible on price – But if you act like a Jerk, demand discounts or give me the run around, I’m going to make my feelings very clear to you in a way that may be offensive.
This isn’t Facebook. Have some Respect.

There’s also times where I just can’t give a discount, unfortunately.