Hatching Eggs, Mixed Rhode Island Red and White


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A dozen+2 of the finest quality mixed hatching eggs.

I keep a flock of:
Rhode Island Reds and Rhode Island Whites who cohabitate.

To get a cinnamon queen, a RIR Rooster needs to mate with a RIW hen.

Because I keep RIR and RIW Roosters, They all intermingle with the RIR and RIW hens.

This means in this batch, you can get:
Cinnamon queens, Forward and Reverse.


All eggs shipped are candled. This ensures you don’t get eggs with fractures or issues internally.
This raises hatch rates.

I do not clean my eggs, but i do try to provide the cleanest eggs possible to you.

To get you the freshest eggs for hatching with the smallest air sac for shipping, your eggs will be shipped the day they are laid. This means you won’t EVER get eggs older than a day… it also means you might have to wait a day or so.
Rest assured, you’ll get your order.

You’ll receive a box of 14, but you’re paying for 12.
The 2 above 12 are ‘freebies’ in case fedex decides to break a egg.
If you receive eggs broken above the two, let me know. I’ll refund a buck a broken egg.

Eggs are packaged in PURPOSE MADE shipping material for transport resiliency.
Shipment handling is all over the place… I’ve shipped to CA without a broken egg – but shipped a hour away with two.
If you provide your email and phone number, I can email you a tracking number.
I only ship CONUS.
If you purchase, and you are NOT in the contiguous USA, I will cancel your order.
Sorry, International/Territory friends. Shipping livestock to another country is too much of a pain for either of us to deal with.

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