Birds Available

Toulouse Geese, seen above.

The Dark Gray Geese in the foreground are Toulouse.
They’re a mated yearling pair. Asking $250 for both.

-Rhode Island Whites are left.

$5/bird up to 3 weeks old. | ~30 left.
$10/bird 4-8 weeks old. | none available.
$15/bird 8-14 weeks old. | none available.

Birds are ~7 days old now, as of the 21st.
All are female, and sexable via plumage.

I participate in NPIP – You know you’re getting a clean and healthy bird.
-All of my birds are tested clean as of December 3rd, next test is May.
-All birds are tested for Avian Influenza every 6 months
-All birds are tested for Pullorum-Typhoid salmonella yearly.
-Traffic ingress and egress on the farm is monitored via video recording and reviewed.
-Biosecurity measures are in place to ensure cleanliness.