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Popcorn Cannon, To feed Chickens

Yeah. I went overboard. So What.

Skip to 3min to see the blasting, if you can’t wait.


1) The CHEAPEST leafblower homedepot had. $39 Ryobi blower.
2) a $5 homer bucket.
3) a Powerwheels Transmission for the auger/chopper plate driver
4) a 12v 5amp Meanwell power supply
5) a cheap PWM motor controller for speed control.
6) prototyping tape, AKA Gaffer’s Tape.
7) Gumption and a Can-Do attitude.

2 thoughts on “Popcorn Cannon, To feed Chickens

  1. I love it. I flashed back to one of my favorite tv shows, The Red Green Show. It’s an old Canadian comedy show about an hilarious handy man and his loony friends. The popcorn blower is exactly the kind of thing – materials and all – that Red would build. If you’ve never seen it you have to check out. Thanks for a good giggle.

    1. I Intimately know of Red Green… Thanks for the compliment. I’m glad this let you flash back for a bit 🙂

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