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I keep Geese, Chickens and Ducks. They all live in harmony, mostly.


Currently, I have:

🦢 16 Geese - 11 American Buff Geese, 5 Pilgrim Geese

🦆 13 Ducks - Fawn and White Indian Runner ducks

🐓 30(ish) Chickens - ~12 Rhode Island Reds, ~10 Rhode Island Whites, ~8 "other" mixes.


About my "farm":

-I'm not sure it's a Farm, but more of a farmette? It's 4 acres, with a stream.

-Some wooded, most not. Not really good for a whole lot, as it's mostly dense clay soil with about an inch of topsoil, if I'm lucky.


My "Containment" system:

-Like most of these homestead guys on youtube, i bought some Premier1 48" electric poultry fence.

-Everything that wants to eat my birds doesn't like the fence, and really doesn't like getting zapped.

-We don't have any chicken hawks here where I live, or if we do, the geese do a fine job scaring them off.

-I have 5 lengths of fence, each 163'- meaning they have about 60k/sq ft, or about 1.3 acres to themselves.

-I move the fence to rotate them on fresh grass. They would very quickly destroy my whole 4ac if left to their own desires.


What do i feed them?

-The Geese i try to not feed in the summer. They love clover and grass... but they also love layer mash and will choke themselves on it given free access.

-The Ducks eat Mud. I'm pretty sure that's all they live on, with the mess they make. They also eat Layer mash, and lots of nasty ol' slugs.

-The Chickens get Catfood. Threw you for a loop on that one, huh? They're molting, and need more proteins right now. Otherwise, they get Layer mash, and lots of free ranging on bugs and veggies.

-They all get scratch grains and corn. They adore it. They act like it's candy the way the gobble it down. But only in moderation. I'm raising geese/ducks for goslings/ducklings, not fois gras.


Can they fly?

-Yes, but also no. Officially, they're too big to fly. Both breeds are considered "Meat" birds, which means they just have too much body mass to get any real liftoff. ...With that said... I watched a Pilgrim gander fly at least 15 foot off the ground over my hen house because he was so excited to eat. The young ganders can usually get some pretty good ground clearance. But no, they won't fly away, like to Canadia, or whatever.


Do all the birds get along together?

-Most of the time, yes. There's a very distinct pecking order among them.

-Sometimes, they "fight" but it's nothing very serious. The Roosters I have are the most ornery.


Do you "like" all of your birds?

-For the most part, yes.

--Geese are my favorite. Followed by ducks. Chickens are... just dumb. I'm sure if i dedicated time to holding and coddling them, they might show something that appears to be affection, but you'd have a hard time convincing me it's actually affection.

--Geese are smart, and think. You can see them thinking though the actions their going to take, or how they can get you to give them food. Chickens will snatch a whole slice of pizza out of your hand... or your dang -lit- cigar, and run off with it.


Funny stuff?

-Had a chickens steal - a Doughnut, a lit cigar, and a dollar i dropped.

-Watched a chicken choke down a whole cicada. She was bleeding on the corners of her mouth when she finished. She really wanted to eat it.

-When the geese don't get their way(fed), they pull on the fence and shake it 'til they get to eat.

-Watching a goose trip, and land face first into the dirt/food/water/bowl/eachother. Happens all the time, and it's always funny.


Anything else?

-If you're going to raise birds, consider Geese. They're affectionate weed eaters who actually like you. Chickens are the cats of the bird world. Check out George, the pet goose on youtube for more proof on that.

-Its a lot of work. Don't take it lightly.

-Death is a common occurrence on the "farm". You've got to accept it for what it is - a lifecycle.






While the possibility is pretty small, you may see death. I do what I can to prevent it, but this run is close to the woods and I have plenty of predators - some of which aren't wary of an electric fence.



-I may re-arrange cams for better viewing.

-Auto-feeder coming one day.

-The stream is up 100% of the time, 80% of the time. Glitches happen.


If you have any other questions, Shoot me a email at Ryansaviary@gmail.com



Thanks, and have a great day!